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Math Boot Camp series is an unprecedented program to improve "basic calculation ability", "concentration ability" and "memory ability". Regardless of whether you are good at calculating or not, you will have much fun in calculations by performing calculations like playing games.

You can experience innovative learning method, optimized for eBook format, very different from traditional math worksheets. But, don't worry! The problems in Math Boot Camp are very simple so that many first-year elementary school kids can solve them.

For lower grade kids in elementary schools, Math Boot Camp will be a good material for class activities and for daily homework. It can be used as a tool for calculation contest.

For higher grade kids in elementary schools, middle school and high school students, it can be used as a tool to improve "concentration ability" and "memory ability". Also, you can increase the calculation speed.

For adults, it can activate brain function by using your brain differently. It will be a perfect tool for those who feel they do not use the brain much recently.

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